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Hi there,

I don't currently own a BMW but I've pretty much made my mind up to buy an 1150 GS Adventure. My nearest dealer is Clarks (Who I notice are a sponsor of this site) and will probably buy from them. But before I do does anyone have any opinions, recommendations, stories to tell both good and bad about this dealer or any others that are within 50 miles or so of Birmingham.


Wollaston Northampton (01604 232000) very good. Currently have a new Adventure for sale. Speak to Matt or Marcus and mention my name if you do call.
Simon Eassom

Don't stick to a dealer within 50 miles of home.....my local dealer is a 300 mile round trip.....why? because they're good, London to Dorchester and CW.

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Best dealers

The best two dealer around and that does NOT include Clarkes through experience!!!! are Wollaston northampton and BVM in Stroud who are both excellent dealer in both sales and more importantly after sales service:beerjug:
Well thats opened my eyes a little. I'll visit Stroud and Northampton to see what they are like. I guess for world travellers who wouldn't think twice about going to Morocco for a spot of Lunch, a trip to either Peterborough or Dorchester is a walk in the park, but for me its a bit far to go for a service. Thanks for the replies though. Anyone tried Pidcocks in Nottingham? I see they were highly rated in the recent 'Ride' survey.
One man's meat and all that...

Hi Russell,

I think if you hang around long enough you'll find that most delaers will get a least one +ve vote and one -ve vote. IN fact it usually works more like, 1 +ve experience gets hammered by 3 -ve experiences of the same place.

Also many of us have our bikes out of warranty and elect to vote with our feet (and wallets) and seek out a goodly independent or DIY.

If dealer service is mandatory I'd be inclined to leverage the relationship someone else in the club has with a dealer, i.e. Simon Eassom/Woolastons, Dave Hoolan et al/Clarkes. I KNOW thats the tactic I'll be following in future.
Pidcock's in Nottingham are very good and Rainbow in Sheffield are even better.
Personally I've had both excellent service and, on the occasions when things haven't gone right (which can happen no matter how good your dealer is, they're only human after all), swift and equitable settlement, from Lind's of Norwich. Nice people too....

Personally, I've got no particular axe to grind about Wollaston. They're local to me and I've built up a relationship with the sales staff and the workshop staff. I use about half-a-dozen different BMW dealers regularly. I simply responded to Russell's request and took into account two factors: (a) being in the general Midlands area; (b) having a new Adventure for sale.
But . . . if you do take a look at Wollaston (Russell) it's worth mentioning my name simply because I've directed three paying customers their way this summer who have bought new or used bikes on the spot. They now realise that the link through me and others to the club and this particular bulletin board is bringing them business and, as jud9e says, that can only be a good thing in raising the quality of service they provide.
Selling bikes in the current market is hard work with low profit margins. We can and should expect a lot from dealers who need our patronage to survive. They should and do (at Wollaston) value every bit of help we can give them by way of referrals.
Russell - if you do contact Wollaston, be sure to speak to Matthew Corey, or (failing that) Marcus or Richard. You'll certainly be treated well and offered an extensive test ride.
Have fun.
Simon E.
Got to

agree with Simon.

As you are in the Midlands Wollaston are a good bet. They have given me good service with both my bike and my car.

Extended test rides no problem, friendly staff and handy cafe for short 'while you wait' services too.

Matt sells the bikes, Shaun does parts and Richard manages. All very helpful.

Mention my name cuz I might get more discount next time ;)

I have to say I've not heard anything bad about Pidcocks or Clarkes either.

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Picdcocks at Nottingham sold me my R1100R (now an outfit) and seemed helpful and pretty competant. They are the only BMW dealer who's even written after a purchase to ask if I was happy. At first I thought they thought they'd done something wrong and were looking to find out if I knew!

Rainbow at Sheffield are very good, but don't expect quick service, they get snowed under with work because they are so good.

Astle at Grimsby are my (not so Local) dealer. Very good on Sales and service. No hassle or compliants in four years, they always lend you a bike if you ask.

Allan Jefferies at Shipley are a right bunch of...... I havn't bought anything from them in three years, but enquiries I made last year confirmed they havn't changed much and still overcharge given half a chance.

As someone said, it pays to travel to a good dealer.

My GS is booked into Pidcock's next week for it's 600 mile service, so I am pleased to read positive reports. I'll let you know next week if I am still pleased.

I had my 600 service done by Pidcocks last week and they lent me a nice 1150 RT, rides very nice much better than my Pan, and the brakes are awesome.

In my return to biking ('99) I have no complaints whatsoever with Jefferies at Shipley, West Yorks.

Service is personal and high-quality! Spanner men are the dogs bllx!

As important as anything else - they support the Club and contribute to our charity events which is good enough for me!!

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Ummm...my bikes nearly due its 24k service, perhaps I shall give them a go. How far is Atlanta from Kent?
I got my GS from Balderston (peterborough) they were very helpfull, even when I blew both head gaskets after two weeks.

Pidcocks (long eaton) - the workshop guys are very helpfull and competent. Just beware the miserable old bugger in the spares dept I prefer to buy from Motorworks rather than deal with him, The other guys are fine though.

I used to be a fan of Cannon in Chelmsford.

Lately they've taken on some new staff and, to be blunt, they are useless.

I wanted the blanking plates that cover the exposed bolt holes revealed when the splash guard is removed.
Honestly, what a bloody palava...in the end I gave up - the guy said that (and this is despite confirmation from someone else in the shop) that he'd have to do some research into it.

Didn't ask me who I was or that he'd get back to me or anything.
For a 4 quid part!

I'll go somewhere else for it.


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