Which Heated Jacket/Waistcoat?


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Sep 6, 2002
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Cold time of the year and Santa wants to buy me a heated waistcoat to keep me nice and snug.

So far he has had a look at:
BMW waistcoat £185, Widder waistoat £145 and Chilli waistcoat at £120.

Questions -

What do you guys and gals wear?
Any positive or negative comments?
Which are warm and most comfortable

Look forward to your usual sensible replies :farxmas:
Bought a Chilli waistcoat at the NEC. Going out in about 2hrs to try it out (first time it's felt cold enough!). I'll let you know....

BMW one

Have the BMW one for these reasons,

1. the BMW one is very thin it does not have wires in it, it uses the two types of material as the + and - conductors.

2. its half the weight of the others you won't notice it under your jacket.

3. The control is substantial and easy to use with gloved hands has two heat settings and plugs straight into the BMW socket.

Go and try one

Pay the extra money and enjoy your riding.
Gerbing Jacket

Gerbing jacket now going through it's 2nd winter and still keeping me smiling at 07.00am.

It is made in the States,imported thru a Dutch dealer and has a lifelong electrical gaurantee.

There are additional plogs/sockets for gloves, trousers etc ,I donot use them however the gloves are suppossed to be the dogs bollox!

I have "hard wired" the heat troller to the battery and fitted the controller to the bike. Highly reccomended.

One of the best things I've brought apart from my latest sex toy...

I have the old style BMW one got a deal on it and payed about £110 I think.

Unlike the new one it has wires but I can say I've never found that to be an issue it also has a heated collar...lovely!

I now wear my jacket without linning and this vest and T shirt for most riding (are you impressed SE!)

Given the choice between new BMW @£185 and mine at £110 I'd go for mine and at that price the quality makes them the best buy over other makes, me thinks.

Pic of me wearing mine just before the high atlas on this journey this jacket made a hell of a diffrence.

NO pic because I'm not allowed to attach one...whats that all about then

I second Mike . For me. Gerbin is the works. Also, is the only one I know with long sleeves and heathed collar.
Are heated sleeves required...

I'm not sure because mine has'nt got them however my arms never seem that cold when i'm wearing it.

I think mines agood compramise between them and the very light BMW and the full jacket.

It's very well made yet not to bulky so if the temp is right on the boarder of not needing one you'll not burn up wearing it...this is really important when riding into London.

I need it for the M1 blast but not on the inner London roads. So I keep warm when I need to but never overheat because of the baulk of the thing, when your wearing a shirt and going to meetings this is important.

Mine also has a heated collar and when it's really cold that raelly does feel good.

I've not looked at many but the BMW one really is top quality...I really would recomend calling around to find an old style one at around £110 there're a bargin.

Got to work toasty warm:D The Chilli jacket is excellent, had to turn the heat down at first as it was getting too hot, rode the 40 mins to work (air temp about 5 deg) - definately a good buy. Wore it over a T shirt, under my normal fleece & goretex HG jacket. I'll take Jimb's word that the BMW jacket is half the weight, but the Chilli is light as a feather.

I understand the idea behind heated jackets not having sleeves is that, if the core temperature is kept high, the extremeties are less affected by the cold. Obviously unable to comment on this theory after 40 mins.....

Mike, I think your right about the core being the importnat bit which probrably explains why my arms feel OK.

I've riden in mine for hours on end and consider it a safty devise.

The only time my arms felt a little cold was at high speed (100mph plus) for more than a couple of hours and the wind chill would catch me inside my elbows.

Stopping and putting a sweat shirt over the top of the lot stopped it...bear in mind I'm my jacket is without it's winter liner

I've had the new style BMW waistcoat since last winter and it's superb. It keeps you really warm on even the worst winters day. In fact I've never had it above it's lowest setting.

But I think the best thing about it is how quickly it warms up, it's less than two minutes, so when you're really cold and you put it on you get almost instant heat.
Has anyone tried a Giali waistcoat or jacket, I think I might have a look at what they offer tomorrow. Will keep you posted.
I second Mike O on the Chilli jacket. Its very light, and the adjustable thermostat is a lot better than a simple on/off switch.

Widder tested today in the bleedin cold

bought a widder at the NEC, can't compare to any others as I haven't tried them but its a good bit of kit, well made and er heats you up. This morning was 'kin cold especially as I've just returned from the sun and 85 degrees.

Interested to know what people wear with theirs, I have experimented and now wear a long sleeve cotton t-shirt, widder, thinish fleece with my aerostich on top. It works a treat, wearing the widder directly under the stich wasn't as effective, and having too many layers underneath seemed to keep the heat away from me!
AC . . . sounds like you've got the right combo, except I'd avoid cotton next to my skin - absorbs sweat and can make you cold/damp after you switch the waistcoat off. Go for silk or synthetic stuff like Lifa or Lowe Alpine that wicks moisture away from your skin.
Don't waste your hard earned dosh on the BMW jerkin. It is a ton of money for what it does.

I bought a Widder jerkin at the NEC in November and have loved it ever since. Heats up very quickly but doesn't cook you either. A snip at £135.
My vote is for the Widder too. Mine is in its 6th Winter and still going strong. When I needed new cabling to fit a bike change Riderhouse gave excellent advice and next day delivery. I wear it/carry it through until May - its cold up here! - and I think its the best bit of biking kit I ever bought - apart from the GS of course! Norman

Let's face it, any bit of kit that keeps all us snug whilst other riders freeze their 'nads off must be great!

Have Bunter-like mate (also BMW but nor GS owner!) that has had the Chili jacket for about 4 years. No problems with it and it works with an extra bit of kit to the BeeEmm power socket.

Have repeatedly said I will buy one and haven't. With my first National Rally (since the last in 1999) coming up soon I remember how fooking cold I was about 3am in freezing and wet Staffs/Cheshire, bout time i bought one!

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