Which Remus (and what's Romulus up to nowadays?)


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Nov 24, 2003
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When I bought my Adv a few months ago I was offered a Remus can off another bike for €100 when I went to pick the bike up. Obviously purchased at that price...Def needs the Y piece I would say, but that aside, which Remus can is this exactly?


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Hard to be sure but looks like an early Remus titanium (grand prix?)
It has no removable baffle.
Works well with or without y piece but louder and more power with the y piece.

Hope this helps

It's a Remus Genesis (Grand Prix and Viper were 1100 fitments), forerunner to the Revolution. Comes in Alloy or Titanium, race or road-legal. If it's "E" marked it's road legal.

Makes little difference to performance without the Y piece, but sounds a hell of a lot better.
thanks fellas

Looking out for a Y piece as we speak and also need to get a decent rivet-on badge too...

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