Which Tyres & Brakes ?


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Jul 26, 2003
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Hartley, Kent.
This has probably been already been done but I couldn't find it so please bear with me.

The bikes in for a 6000 mile service at Prestige today. They've given me an R 850 R loan bike, bit of a let down last time they gave me the 1150 variant.

Anyway I told them don't do anything above and beyond the service without confirming with me first and to change the little grey plastic spacer thing on the right hand side between the front wheel and the fork, it's cracked in several places for some reason.

Apparently the rear tyre and the front brake pads are getting low they looked alright to me. The pads are down to 4mm and will last only another 1000 miles and the rear tyre is down to 1mm from when they suggest I change them. " Shall we carry on with this work?"

"No way Pedro"... I replied. So here is the question....

What replacement tyre (mainly road use but it still needs to look right) and from where would you suggest I get it? I could fit it myself if necessary.

Ditto with the brakes.

Thanks in anticipation,

See the replies (mine incl) on the 650 board :thumb

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