whining noise


it's not just the missus, my 2003 adventure ( abs/servos) has developed a whining/whistle from under the tank area. any ideas what it could be caused by.... my suggestions are...alternator, brake servos or fuel pump, etc.

the bike is having it's 40000KM service on monday and any thing i can throw at the dealer to solve the problem would be most appreciated.

i know it's a bit of a daft question but some wizard may have the answer.

any suggestions about stopping the missus's whine are also welcomed !
mine makes a terrible racket when very low on petrol.

goes away when filled.
feed me.................

its just the fuel pump. Fill the tank and the noise stops..most of them do that sir.........
happy new year to you all, i'm gonna get slaughted tonight....because....while out on a lovely ride today through the rolling hills of New Zealand......the bike just like stopped....surely they don't all do that sir !!

anyhow with the help of a trailer and the great helpfulness of kiwis from 'the plains motorcycle club' we got the bike back and stripped, after testing the pump with a battery in a bucket of fuel we now know that it is shagged.

you have to knock the pump to get it moving and then operation is really erratic. the pump has done 60000km (36000mile). of course at this time of year you can get nothing done, but to let you all know.... BMW NZ are doing everything they can to get us moving. we are on a round the world trip and these guys here stand out along with those of Iran for commiting themselves to helping out riders who make an effort to actually ride bikes, maybe that's not in BMW's game plan.

anyhow just a word to 'steptoe' for telling me not to let the pump run dry, the pump was on it's way out for a while but the dealers still refuse to listen to us, we know more than they do cos we ride the bloody things.

that's it, we are off to celebrate a new year.....tomorrow we will try to fix the bike, ride 1200km north, crate it up and fly out to south America on the 7th. a real start to the new year !!

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