Who got the Scorpian exhausts at the NEC?

Big Lee

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Jun 21, 2004
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Cos when I went back after ummming & ahhhing they`d sold them :( The guy was telling me he was surprised at the interest in them & at the price they did them road legal oval stainless steel I think they`re a great buy :D Looking forward to getting mine in a couple of weeks at show price & free delivery :D :D

Sohow do they sound & make the bike feel?
Don't know about Scorpians, but the Remus Revolutions I heard on mone yesterday sound seriously fruity - and the baffle was still in! Lovely deep bass sound to them!

Hi Chaps,

I spoke to the lads on the stand yesterday and asked if they planned to do a full system, rather than just a can. They confirmed that they're to build this very thing.

I reckon the end can looks better than the Remus, so let's hope the proposed full system is as good.


Reggie (AKA The Cameraman)

Pic here- http://www.t595.net/album/album.asp?album=3942&pg=1&img=16655
Scorpion Exhaust

Hello Big Lee,

I bought a Scorpion oval can at the show.
Fitted it this morning. The original silencer was a bit difficult to remove, but came off eventually without me having to resort to blunt instruments and brute force.
The short connection pipe provided in the kit was a bit of a pig as it was slightly oval, but persistance paid off. The can fits fine, but you need to experiment a bit with the angle of the connection pipe to ensure that everything tightens up without putting undue strain on anything.
Went for a short run with the removeable baffle still in place. It may be because of the more sporty sound but the bike does feel a bit more lively at slower speeds. Sound is pleasantly burbly without being excessive. Haven't tried it without the baffle yet, or at motoway speeds, but I'm very pleased so far.

Just out of interest did you weigh the Scorpion can & the standard one? I`d like to see if the standard one is as heavy as it looks!
I don`t think I`ll be taking the db killer out of mine as I tend to set off & return from work at unsociable times :rolleyes: so a "nice" sound rather than loudness will do me. The guy was telling me that they don`t add any to the peak power & torque but beef up the mid range & remove the flat spot :thumb :thumb :D
Scorpion Exhaust

The show price is 169 pounds. I tried to knock 'em down further but the best I could do was a free sticker!

Big Lee,
I meant to weigh the Scorpion before I fitted it, but I guess the exitement got to me. Seems to be a hell of a lot lighter than standard though. Looks better too.

Got mine today & weighed them both, about a 3kg saving over the standard :thumb just the problem of getting the bloody thing on now :( The link pipe seems to have distorted where the centre stand bump bracket was welded on & as the pipe is a tight fit anyway is proving to be a PITA :anger:
So any tips fitting them would be appreciated :D
Hi Lads
Can eny one give me the email or phone number for Scorpian Exhausta just got to get one.

Well I`ve given up trying to fit the thing & will give them a ring on monday to sort out a ROUND link pipe hopefully! If not it`s money back time & maybe a Remus for £214 :confused:
Scorpion Exhaust

Big Lee

Sounds like you're having the same problem I had!

Persistance paid off eventually. It might be easier with two people. Offer up the link pipe angled slightly towards yourself so that you can get the two nearest quarters of the slitty bit around the pipe on the bike, then use a flat blade screwdriver in the slits to gently ease out the other two quarters whilst pushing the link pipe on and into line. Sounds complicated but you should be able to manage if you and your mate have four hands each.

Good Luck

Slitty bits :confused: Mine is solid all the way round although I did consider cutting a slit in it to try & force the pipe apart a little.
I take it yours has been cut so its in quarters so you can open the pipe?
Sounds like we`ve been given different pipes??
Scorpion Exhaust

Big Lee

The link pipe should have four slots cut in it to allow the pipe to be clamped around the cat outlet pipe, similarly to the 2 slots (slits) in the original silencer.
It sounds like a phonecall to Scorpion is in order.
Hope you get it sorted because it's a lot cheaper than all the other makes, and seems as good to me.

Cheers Sailor

I thought it was strange that it didn`t have any slots cut in it as they usually do!
I called them yesterday but all the bike guys were at the NEC so I`ll give them a bell on monday. I`ll mention that the distortion of the pipe due to welding could be a fault to check before anyone else gets them.

Top service from Scorpion!

I got another link pipe from Scorpion which fits perfectly :thumb Spoke to Brian there whom I told about the weld distortion & he said he`d sort that out. Great service from a British company :thumb
If anyone else has a problem with their Scorpion link pipe give Brian a bell & he`ll sort it :thumb :D
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