Who'd like to put their hand in a nice warm furry muff?


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Mar 14, 2003
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Well you can...

Check out Turcano Urbano Handlebar Muffs R 319 @ £32.95 from BMG Scooters - 0208 878 8121 - 416 Upper Richmond Road London SW14 7JX or visit - www.BMGScooters.co.uk

Just put them on the GS after having longevity problems with the oxford's, the poppers went rusty. These are easier to fit, no poppers and give a complete seal. Oh, and they're furry too!


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Yeah absolutley vital equipment for september Rich:rolleyes: :rolleyes:

you praticeing to be a vet or summat??
When you're all suffering cool digits on Dartmoor later this month, don't come whinging to me!!!

Oh, and i put it on the board to let people get em in time for the winter months.... they're not far away now!:)
motomartin said:
....its a funny thing but only las night my girlfriend asked .....................censored


They think about it all the while you know....


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Of course you right Rich winter is coming so check out these!!!:D :D :D :D :D


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and these mmmmmmmmm:) :) :)


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ming said:
Of course you right Rich winter is coming so check out these!!!:D :D :D :D :D

And one of these (have you considered an RT?)

;) :D :D


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They may not look cool, tho they're way cooler than those slippers Ming, but i can wear moto x gloves year round, maintaining warmth, comfort and concentation during those dark, dank, dismal winter months! I've tried the goretex winter gloves and they're too big, too bulky and, eventually, always leak.

Take the piss my fellow chums, but i'm the one riding through the winter warm and dry! ;) :D
you'll all be beating a path to my door when it turns cold and wet.

the shite bag will be a sought after essential piece for winter riding .


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steptoe that looks like a missile attack on a gs rider????
Where are your Muffs, Steptoe??? :confused:

I forget the guys name, but a then elderly gent on a Pipe and Slippers run to Ironbridge, in the late seventies, saw a chap on a real Shed of an R90S, the grey one, with a very similar Shit Bag to yours ;) apparently he lived on a farm in Herefordshire, rode and fell off the bike all year round, never cleaned it. But what endeared him to me was after him partaking of 3 or 4 pints at the lunchtime stop, on the amble around the museum on foot, members admiring the exhibits, said 90S rider, without so much as moving out of sight, proceeded to relieve his pent up feelings against a railway carriage wheel in full view of wives/girl friends et al. :D
Nice one.

Please tell us some more storys of olden times Grandpa.

;) ;) :)
When I die

It'll be too late to recant my dubious experiences :mad: So you will just have to have them now. :rolleyes:

Pee Ess, I'm open to offers as an after dinner giggle. :D

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