Why can't I send PM's on this site?


Just get a "NO you are not allowed" typpe message.

Can anyone help please?
Are you logged in and cookied?

Otherwise I can't help and I think everyone else is away for the weekend.

Get down to Bakerman's Bash and ask PaulG directly!
I'm definately logged in and I think I'm cookied, I'm off to Bakermans do, I'll try and find him, thanks
You are not a sponsor

I believe that it is because you have not sponsored the site. When you do this I believe you are free to PM etc, we were having the same conversation with Parklife at Doggetts last night.

To donate go to the "Sponsor" tag at the top of the page.

I also believe that there is a sticky comment from Paul G somewhere.

HTH, Nick
I saw him at Baker's do and I know what has to be done, thanks for the replies.
Paul G - you master of disguise.

He didn't wear his beaver hat once all weekend, so was impossible to recognise :p
So; how much do we have to give?

How many dollars, lire, euro, cents, kroner, pesetas?

Is 1 euro enough?

Liv said:
So; how much do we have to give?

You don't have to give anything.

It's just a token of our appreciation of the great work done by Paul in running the site, and a small contribution towards the upkeep. A donation of around £10 would probably be appreciated. A bargain for the entertainment value alone. :)

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