Windows has blocked this software...AARGH


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Jul 15, 2003
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When I log on to GSER forum, I get this AOl message that 'Windows has blocked this software......because it cannot verify the publisher'.

below it says : Name:

It's something to do with the security settings, and I have had a look (active X seems to be mentioned whatever that is).

Has this thing appeared as a result of an automatic update and how can i look at GSEr forum without the darn thing spoiling things?

You can see that I am not very computer technical!

any help appreciated.

Are you running XP? If so did your auto update install service pack 2?
At the run command type WINVER to find out. If so, you will need to configure your personal firewall in control panel to accept UKGSER, if not, modify your security settings in Internet explorer.
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