Wirral Toy Run,Sunday 12th December


Apparantly,this year`s Toy Run takes place on Sunday 12th.
It is basically a small scale Egg Run,but with toys,for the children in hospital.It starts from the same place as the Egg Run,and it is best to arrive for 10.30.
I can obtain more details if required.
Hi babe. Well,I went on the Toy Run,along with just under 200 other bikes.
The mingebag police wouldn`t escort us,and threatened to jump all over anyone running a red light,or speeding,but we all made it !
The hospital staff were chuffed with the toys and donations,and we all had free tea/coffee and mince pies.
I saw a couple of other GSs,a black 1100 and a red 800,but didn`t see you...( and believe me,I DID look out for you !! ).
After the run,it was a quick blast up the M53/M56 to Halebarns for the BMW Club meeting,and more coffee and mince pies !!

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