wobbly headlight


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Sep 19, 2003
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Johannesburg, SAfrica
new ADV.
the headlights are not firmly attached. i think they have to be rubber mounted for vibrations and offroad.
bumps in the road cause the beam to vibrate/bounce up and down (thats the best way i can describe it).
if i prod the lens with my finger the beam deflects. its a very small amount but irritating. the dozy car drivers seem to see it easier though.
my question is: do they all do that? should i strip the front end and see whats up? learn to live with it? keep drinking until the feeling goes away?
Haven't noticed this at all on mine Toucan...I'll go out and prod it a bit later..It's widdling down with rain right now :)
Spring inside

The front shakes during hard riding, are you being a rev head?

If not, there is an adjust inside the cockpit, just to left (white in colour if I remember) check that it is tight and clicked over the left or right. This secures the light in the housing.

If it is a new bike, this is not done at the factory but at PDI. You should then kick you local dealer in the nuts very hard if they haven't checked it at PDI.

HTH, Nick

the first time i rode it at night i noticed the lights where pointed about 4 feet ahead of the bike. they definetley weren't checked at PDI. i have screwed in the plastic nut behind the light, lever is in down position and the screwed in small one in front to get the correct elevation, but its still wobbly.
i think i'll take it apart this weekend and see what i can see.

how many mice does it take to screw in a light bulb?
two, but they must be small mice.

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