Wot no signal

It'll never work. The USA use the GPS signal to guide some of its own weapons. Also, their forces have enough trouble with friendly fire incidents, God help us if the USA forces don't know where they are themselves!!
They wouldn't turn it off Howard...they just tweak it so that consumer GPS kit won't like the signals.......their own GPS will still work unerringly accurately, enabling them to pick out a single allied vehicle and destroy it in deadly accurate friendly fire using million dollar GPS assisted weapons.:rolleyes:
Yep, technology is always at fault, never the operator.

The marine industry has had 'radar assisted collisions' for over 40 years now.
Consumer GPS are just a chance for everybody to get involved.
It would rather trash your touring holiday though if relying on the GPS system. I'm sure you could take Bush to court in the US and claim damages!!
selective "area blinding" is what the pentagon are sugesting.

which i agree with.

the very things that the terrorist hate us for, they use to attack us, Internet, mobile phones, aircraft, GPS Ecy Ect.
Good idea, those terror chappies will never find The Whitehouse without GPS. :rolleyes:
yeh good!:p

the more acurate the location of a weapon platform eg, mortar base plate, (which ive a few droped on me !) the more acurate the rounds fall on target,. take away this system of acuracy and bingo, rounds falling short!

oh, and all those that want to split any hairs, yeh, bring it on boyos.
oh, and all those that want to split any hairs, yeh, bring it on boyos.

They're dropping mortar base plates on you now Nigel???

Gosh, that could be really really dangerous...it could break your toe if they held it above their heads first!!!! :eek: :eek:
do you know, that i read that once before i posted it, and i thought, somone will say that mortar base plates were falling on me !!!!

im really getting the hang of all this now!:D

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