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Jun 13, 2002
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Before my GS (2001) I had a Fireblade where my head was always in clean air - similar to standing up on the pegs on the GS. So you can imagine my disappointment that the GS was noisier at 50 mph than my 'Blade at 150mph. My first aftermarket job was a flipup from Skidmarx in Weymouth. It didn't work but I worked out that if the screen was lowered so that it almost rested on the silver bit the airflow was smoother. Skidmarx made me up a non-flipup screen that I have been using quite happily up to 120mph for the last year.

I bought a Wunderlich a month ago but because it's slightly flipup and cannot be laid flat it causes buffetting (I am about 6ft and the seat is in the top position). I started cutting bits off it to make it better and then changed the fitting holes but in the end it was no better that my Skidmarx design. So I have refitted that screen. In fairness I appreciated the width of the Wunderlich and whilst it buffetted at 60mph it disappeared the closer you got to 100mph but that's not where most GS riders are!!

The trick is to have a screen that allows the head to sit in the clear airflow or have a screen so large that you just see over the top of it - but most of the problems are caused by the flipup design - they all have the same problem just ask the guys at Skidmarx.

When you say Wunderlich screen do you mean the older ERMAX style (which was called a Wunderlich !!) which has a flipup styling or the newer Wunderlich which is flatter at the top and no pronounced flipup ?

Agree that the Skidmarx with no flipup is OK but still not perfect.

Suggest you may look at the Cee Baileys screen which may promise more joy in future. It's been discussed in the General Chat. Also try their website in the USA. www.ceebaileys.com

Alex B

Many thanks - I was referring to the new screen from Wunderlich (£110) which I picked up from SPS because they did not have any delivery times on an Adventurer screen. The old Ermax was just as bad as the OE in my view.

I agree the new Wunderlich has no real flip-up but I believe the problem is that the profile is not convex enough to allow a smooth flow of air. This is why it works at high speeds where it literally puches a hole through the air.

All the good screens have a slight curve - the new Pan European has overcome the problems of its predescessor not by introducing a new flip-up but doing away with it.

I cut off the faint flip-up of the Wunderlich - about 3 inches and it was an improvement.

With reference to the Skidmarx I would like to reaffirm that it is not the advertised one but a trimmed flip-up which they made specially for me with new mounting holes which bring the screen to within 5mm of the instrument panel. It cost me about £40. It means that I get the breeze but without the horrendous buffeting.

I suspect by the time that we all sort this out out that BMW will have introduced a new GS with it sorted - or maybe not!!

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