X Challenge Remus Exhaust - Freeride or Revolution??


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Jan 3, 2002
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Thinking about a Remus

What's the difference between a Freeride and Revolution system??

Revolution seems bigger from the pics, is a Freeride road legal??

Do they both come with removable baffle??

There's an article in the current / last TBM about their test XC & they fitted a cat-less BOS which they said was smaller & lighter than the original (which wouldn't be hard !). Haven't had a chance to follow it up but I'd be certainly be interested in something a little less 'in yer face' ;)

Anyone got any more info on the BOS ?
got a remus revolution road legal on my 11gs it comes with a homogulation stickiebit and fits straight on no adjustments, sounds good, still gets 48-50 mpg:thumb2
I have the Remus Grand Prix can on my HP2 - makes a great sound, not entirely road legal.... but it is tiny, v light and the proportions may well suit the XChallenge

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