Y piece & std can?


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Nov 1, 2003
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have been looking at fitting a Y piece to a std can is it possible? & does it improve & do I need to remap?
hi malc if you do a search on the site you will find it is of benefit,
i am still saving me dosh to get the y piece and keep the stannart can.. and no remapping
Yes Y piece will fit the standard can. Much better with a remus end can. Mate of mine took my Y & remus off me when I sold the 1150GS followed him to Wales the other weekend just loved the noise. Come on Laser/remus what about some goodies for the 1200!!!
Works for me.

Great improvement, if I had a standard GS and was only allowed to make one mod, this would be it.

Have ridden with Remus can and its fine if you want the pose factor.

If you actually travel any distance the noise can get a bit much. So I haven't bothered putting the Remus end can on my wishlist.

Change the Y piece and enjoy!

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