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Jul 8, 2003
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I'm going with the flow from the poll and fitting the y piece to the remus this weekend, just two questions, when removing the sensor do you have to disconnect it i.e. remove fuel tank or will it just unbolt straight off at the cat without having to do so.
2. And do you need to seal the exhaust connections with some sort of sealant , if so what have you used.
Keep it attached and when you unscrew it keep the twist in the cable .... then when you do it up it the twist goes.

Have something to support the CAT as the cable will not reach the ground attached.

No sealent required.

Have fun
I removed as above then tried running bike with wires dissconnected from under tank.
Ran much richer , pick up, middrange and flat out better but terrible hunting for fuel at about 4-4.5k rpm.
Will re connect again asap.

Don't forget to remove cat code thingy from inside fuse box and remove fuse 5 for a few seconds b4u start engine.
Mmmmm !

Being ham fisted, I unplugged the lamba wire from up top and free,ed it off all the way down, (glad I did too, made job a lot easier), as for sealing joints i used silcon
sealant, (yeh! same as wot you seal round the bath with...)


yeh! same as wot you seal round the bath with....

On a hot exhaust are you sure!

2nd... i never touch no code plug... cat of and Y on with the lamba connected.

I then took it down the local dyno to have the fueling checked and found it spot on....

been to many debates on this in the past.... I'd suggest you find a local dyno do as did and only if the fuelings out start disconecting or mucking around with code plugs
Y piece is now on with sensor, all tickety boo , need to look through the good book for torque settings for final tighten , looks good , whats the crack with removing the code plug ?

Yep !

While searching forum for tips on y-piece, came across a thread about it, thought Id give it ago, worked for me.

Low Modlues clear silcon............

Silicon on exhaust

Yes it's fine the commerical Silicon once set has a very high flash point, way beyond the temp you're likely to get on the exhaust back at the Y pipe.

I've used it on various exhausts car & bike over the years.


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