Yet another 1150 GS Adventure seat question


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Oct 23, 2006
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Oldham, England
Ok, since I got back from a great weekend riding round sunny Scotland with a rather numb bum, I've been searching this excellent site trying to find some more options for sorting out the seat on my '05 1150 GSA.

I currently have a low seat fitted, because I like to be able to touch the ground comfortably when stopping, and also have the original standard seat in a box tucked away somewhere. I've tried an Airhawk but couldn't get on with it, so now I'm considering butchering one of my seats to fit a gel insert... but that brings me on to the question...(yes, I did get there eventually :augie)

Is there a difference between the seat base of the BMW low seat in comparison with the standard Adventure seat?
if you still have the airhawk, try a bit of sheepskin over the top of it.

and remember you only want a little bit of air in the air hawk.

The combination of the two may make a difference.

SWMBO has a lower back problem which affects most things she does. The GS on long journeys was just to painful (not just back, but also hips, butt, coxyx etc).

Tried the air hawk, tried sheepskin, both were a partial success but not brilliant, put the two together and she's happy with the setup.

So maybe worth a try. Certainly less destructive and cheaper than the Gell insert approach.

(actually we borrowed an Airhawk but had to give it back, so bought a travel pillow from Millets or Blacks. About the same size as airhawk but not nicely shaped - but still does the trick)


One way forward

I had the same issue - low seat and a numb arse.

The seat pans, low and standard, are the same, so with the low one you just get less foam.
This is compounded by the plastic recess that holds the tool roll. I found that with the low seat I was wedged in place and if I tried to slide back, the base of my spine was pushing against the hard plastic.

I took my seat (and bike) to Outback Saddles. They took off the cover and foam, cut out the plastic recess and inserted a pocket. When they re-foamed the seat, the pocket was filled with foam allowing them to re-sculpter the rider seat giving me more room to move about.

I have ended up with a great saddle that is considerably more comfortable than the original (Wunderlich) low version that I had before.
The downside is that the tool-roll no longer fits underneath but as I ride with a top box this isn't an issue (for me).



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