View Full Version : Carry on up The Cotswolds 19th – 21st August 2011 (Pre event planning)

  1. Carry on up The Cotswolds
  2. This is not a charity event......
  3. Big Bike Enduro Course Available
  4. Will there be stickers? (Order shirts and fleeces here)
  5. Food Orders - place them here please.
  6. Free Tea and Coffee all weekend
  7. Bed Type Accommodation - B&B and Hotel
  8. How excited are you?
  9. Important information about the food
  10. Off on me holidays.......Warning on delayed responses...
  11. Loud shirts
  12. DrAlf’s Express Tour of the Costwolds and Beyond
  13. Off-roading...
  14. Travelling down Fri
  15. and todays date is?
  16. How many billion people are attending this event?
  17. Is this now the most confusing rally evva?
  18. How many pillion people are attending this event
  19. A little sneak preview.......
  20. If you have any problems......
  21. bonfire wood urgent request!
  22. might be a bit busy this weekend..........
  23. Anybody from Leics/Notts/Derby area going in a car?
  24. what times tea??