View Full Version : Collecting a built in cooker unit from Warrington delivering to Hull

18-03-07, 14:39
Does anybody know or can recommend somebody to collect a new unboxed built-in single cooker unit from Warrington area and deliver it to Keyingham, east of Hull.

Don't mind paying as long as it makes it in one piece :thumb2

18-03-07, 14:44
what are you paying?

18-03-07, 14:51
what are you paying?

what for delivery or the cooker?

18-03-07, 14:55
the delivery I guess, we have vans going all over the shop so might be able to fit it into one of our runs. if it's a single driver he'll need a hand getting it in and out. if 2 guys it costs more money I guess.

18-03-07, 15:12
It's a single cooker unit and measures approx 60 x 60 x 60cms, weighs approx 25kg.

I will be at the delivery end to help unload and will double check someone can help at the collection end.

Not looking for delivery until the begining of April. I haven't got any quotes at this stage, just checking to see which is more cost effective, driving across and collecting myself or courier.

Cheers :beerjug:

18-03-07, 15:17
cheaper for self collection and then it's at a time to suite, we would charge mileage of our route at about 45p per mile. courier well hard to say if the thing is palletised TNT would charge about 45-60 as your paying for the pallet as well. Mixed freight is cheaper but takes ages to arrive and your never sure when they make an appearance.

Best of luck let me know as i've said our boys are up and down all the time and can help if needed.

18-03-07, 15:28
Cheers for the info chap.

Can you get me a price as I am still in Cyprus and it's a nightmare sorting stuff from this end.

The collection is from Newton-Le-Willows. This is north of Warrington and East of St Helens, 2 miles of junction 23 of the M6 and 3 miles of junction 9 of the M62.

Delivery is to Keyingham East Yorks HU12 9TS.

We arrive back in the country on the 1st April so any day after that waht ever suits.



18-03-07, 17:53
takes us (87.5 miles off route at one end and joins back on route at 96 miles) total miles 183.5 total miles 183.5x.45= 82.60 plus 3 hours of driver time 17x3= 51 all in on the books and logged on or mileage sheets your looking at 133.50 + VAT

in comparison

round trip starting in Warrington and ending back in Warrington is closer to 260 miles approx 5 hours work so almost double....260x.45= 117.00 +(17x5= 85)= 202+VAT

would say it's cheaper to do it yourself or buy a cooker closer to home not wishing to be seem rude but i would begrudge paying it....

our chaps would I'm sure be nice enough and would take care of the items as if they where transporting precious metal.