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26-03-07, 08:12
My rider when attached to the bike cradle and being powered constantly reboots. Ive disconected the power from the bike and its all ok now. Looking closely at the contacts on the rider unit, one of the points looks as though its worse for wear and I wonder if this is shorting the power (charging) to the unit and making it reboot. I have heard of problems with rider, anyone have anything similar and know a fix otherwise I'm dependent on the battery in the unit for charge :(



26-03-07, 08:40
Steve, I'm not a TomTom user, but there are numerous threads on here concerning the cradle which seems to vibrate the power pins against the terminals on the unit. There are a couple of fixes which seem to be straps that hold the unit in place. Returning the unit to the retailer seems high on peoples lists too.
Personally I'd try that and then spend the refund on a Garmin!
Try the "Search" button and sit down with a nice cup of tea, while you see just how many people have the same problem:spitfire .
Good Luck
John B