View Full Version : Honda; CB-1 400, strange noise.

26-03-07, 18:48
I've noticed a momentary graunchy feeling when pulling away!!!!

Had a closer look tonight, removed the gearbox sprocket cover, almost sounds like the chain is knackered. You know, the sort of noise a hooked sprocket makes when it reluctantly lets go of the chain. But it can't be that as it was a new set about 1000 miles ago. Chain not too tight either.

I've got it into my head that it's the gearbox bearing. But there is nothing nasty when riding?

Only other thing could be the rear wheel bearings, as the one on the opposite side to the sprocket was a bit graunchy itself some while back, when I had the wheel off. Is it possible for this to appear to sound as if it's coming from the front sprocket?

What do you think guys?

The Honda probably read my other thread about the Norton, and is throwing it's toys out of the pram.