View Full Version : Alternate Spark Plug

20-06-02, 09:06
I like to run NGK plugs.

could someone who is runnung NGK plugs please advise which NGK plug is best for an R1100 GS.

If not NGK then a Nippon.


Mick Fagan
23-06-02, 07:15
Hi, while since I've seen you on the board. I use NGK plugs in my 1100GS and I think that they are much of a muchness with the Bosch plugs that I've used. I use the NGK plugs because they are cheaper than the Bosch ones but last about the same length of time.

Regarding plugs, I've noted that the 1100GS I have is hard on plugs. At about 7,000 to 8,000 Klm's it starts to miss slightly at very low revs. So I put in new plugs and bingo, back to normal again.

I'm running NGK 2095 (outside of plug box number) on the actual spark plug it says, BKR7EKC-N (NGK R) The NGK R is with the R under the letters NGK and the R is underlined.

I get these from the Victorian BMW MCC spare parts officer.


26-06-02, 23:39
Thanks Mick,

the price was an alteria reason for the NGK selection. But growing up in a Motorcycle Shop as I did Dad always believed NGK was a superior plug, especially in Jap bikes.

I will see if I can get some in Toowoomba.