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06-04-07, 08:06
This guy is something else. First time I have seen it. Looks like it is from a series off the Discovery Channel. Shows you how to survive in the alps. So, should you accidently ride off the side of the Col De L'Iseran, fall through the ice on a frozen lake, slip down a crevasse or similar, you may find this useful one day....

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06-04-07, 20:48
More more more! That was truely amazing!:thumb2

13-04-07, 19:31
Great video.

This guy (Bear Grylls, i think) is currently doing a series on channel 4 on a Saturday at 7.00pm. he puts himself in certain situations and places and then showns how to survive and get out of the area.

A bit like Ray Mears but slightly cooler, spend his time killing or chewing the heads of live and disgusting animals / creatures.

17-04-07, 19:19
He spoke at a meeting of ~200 cynical managers I was at. He was so captivating you could hear a pin drop. He's ex-SAS, climbed Everest, spent (IIRC) 6 months in hospital with a broken back after a mission / parachute accident. I have half a chance to go and see him again and I will pull what ever strings need pulling to see him. If you get the chance - do it.