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(RIP) Bobble
15-04-07, 21:31
Just wondered if anybody could recommend anywhere for boat insurance. I've now got a 12ft rib with a Mercury 10hp motor that I need to insure. Any suggestions?


shuck raider
15-04-07, 21:55
Have a look at the ads in the back of the boating mags - Yachting Monthly, Practical Boat Owner etc, lots of companies for you to ring round for the cheapest quotation :thumb

15-04-07, 23:32
Got an Orkney Longliner that I was looking to insure a couple of years back. It’s worth less than 3K and the cheapest I could insure it for was about ˝ the value so I didn’t bother.
Still got her, :thumb2 she’s a great wee boat. 5 brownies, from 4 n a ˝lb down were caught today from her. :clap
Sorry, back to your question, Shuck Raider offers good advice, I checked with them and a couple of brokers that I know. Its expensive.

16-04-07, 05:16
I insure my mirror dinghy with NOBLE MARINE.
Easy to set up but never had to claim so can't comment on after sales service.

16-04-07, 08:06
Navigators & General 01273 863400

btw i found many boat insurers required 2 years experience before they'd consider taking any business :(

16-04-07, 08:09
I use noble marine. Years ago I did a stupid thing. I put my boat on the trailer and set off but forgot to take my mast down. when mymast hit a tree I explained to noble marine who pointed out (in the nicest possible way) that I wasnt insured in those circumstances. They still paid up out of pity for such a dumbwit:)

(RIP) Bobble
16-04-07, 10:08
Thanks peeps, better start ringing around :thumb2