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16-04-07, 09:20
Hmmm, two for sale locally 200 on a W with 8500 miles 1995 or 04 with 500 miles at 2495. Or new on zero finance for 4195.
Or just keep the KLR250 with the stupid rear rim size and no good in the mud tyres. :nenau

16-04-07, 09:31
the post 2000 ones have a modified cam chain tensioner :) the older ones were prone to failure

16-04-07, 09:50
Thanks for that. :beerjug:

16-04-07, 09:57
Mmmmmmm....I've been on the verge of getting one now for the past few months and hope to soon.

The one thing I would say is I can't see a lot of point (financialy) in buying a brand new bike for green laning, well not if you drop 'em as often as I do!


16-04-07, 10:38
Noddy can you fit a rear wheel from another bike such as a KLX or KX if that is the only problem? The other way is to have a bigger rim fitted to your hub, that should not be too expensive if you use a second hand rim.
It doesn't cure the need for a new bike though.:D

Greg Masters
16-04-07, 10:54
The DR-Z 400 SY model (2000/01) also has bananas instead of front forks!


21-04-07, 18:10
I just bought an 02 for £1700 with extras and 3,000 miles. Don't buy a one on 0% it's a way to inflate prices - pay cash and you'll get one for £3,500 not £4,199 on finance.

As Greg says do not get an 'S' unless it's a K2 onwards. They don't sell easily because of the forks. If you find a one that hasn't been modified in good nick with a careful owner then you'd be mad to buy one new when you can save so much money.

21-04-07, 18:14
http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/A-Reg-SUZUKI-DRZ-400_W0QQitemZ280103151303QQcategoryZ9808QQssPageNa meZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

Guy wants 1,850. I nearly bought it but too far away. Knock him down to 1,700. :nenau