View Full Version : Melted Viffer

19-04-07, 11:00
Mates 750 VFR (pro-arm) decided to fry its battery at the weekend. Suspected rectifier/regulator failure as is common on Viffers.

Along with that its now popping ignition fuses, when connected to a car battery, using an old tired bike battery, when the ignition is turned on all the idiot lights go out. It appears that the power is draining into the ignition curcuit, with the car battery connected this is enough to blow the 10amp fuse.

Not to help matters its got a datatool alarm imobiliser fitted which had also blown its 10amp fuse.

Wondering if something some where in the system has melted due to the regulator allowing the full AC charge from the altinator through the system.

19-04-07, 22:11
As you say ,VFR 750 are prone to rec/regs popping, in my opinion.? Its the close mounting to the exhaust system which overheats a hot running system.
its mostly the regulator that fails and will overcharge your battery .
If you replace it!, either remount the rec/reg away from the exh or fit alloy or steel thick spacer/shim to take more of the heat away, and copperslip the joining faces for a better contact and anti corrosion surface.