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19-04-07, 15:55
Can someone help me out here please. Using MapSource 6.12.2 and CN9 can you do a route.....



This route is only a few Kms but enough to highlight a problem that I've come across. First make sure your Edit/Preferences/Road Selection slider is all the way to the right (Prefer Highways) and calculate the route. I get brought all over the place on minor roads.

Next set Road Selection all the way to the left (Prefer Minor Roads) and recalculate. I'm brought directly via the R407.

I have "Calculation Style" set to "Faster Time" for both calculations. Surely this is the reverse of what you'd expect or am I missing something?

19-04-07, 16:16
Don't know which Mapsource I've got but using CN9 v9.02 I get the R407 routing with both the shortest and fastest option.

19-04-07, 16:27
Hehe... Funny that...
I usually keep mine a couple of notches to the left of Prefer Highways. Guess that's what happens when you turn the knob all the way up to 11. ;)

They must have that R407 classed as a pretty minor road (lesser than the surrounding roads). What driving speeds have you included?
Mine are: 120/100/80/50/50. Not sure if my mapping to US road styles is correct. What does it do on your GPS device?

Mine's also 6.12.2. and cn9.

22-04-07, 17:54
Just spent half a day ripping out and fitting CD and DVD drives from old PCs.

I've got NT9 installed on a PC running XP - tried to install it on another with Win98 but no joy. It dosn't say on the DVD what OS is required but I've got a feeling it will have to be XP or later.:mad:

Anybody got it running with Win98 or could I download a copy?

22-04-07, 18:03
It does'nt work with 98, only xp on, think i remember seeing that somewhere either on here or on garmins site.:)