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20-04-07, 09:17
For anyone thinking about purchasing a Rider 2 for summer European trips I thought you might like to read this correspondence from Tom TOM UK:thumb2
-----------------------------------------------------------------------Can you tell please me when the Tom Tom Rider 2 is going to be available in the UK ?

Dear Mr Bananaman,

Thank you for your enquiry. You can reader further information on the TomTom Rider 2 via the following links: http://www.tomtom.com/news/category.php?ID=4&NID=352&Lid=1, and http://www.tomtom.com/products/product.php?ID=353&Category=1&Lid=1. We do not have a specific release date as yet, but we are expecting that they become available in UK stores in mid-May.With Best Regards

The TomTom Customer Support Team
Customer (Mr Bananaman) 19/04/2007 05.16 PM