View Full Version : City Navigator v8 unlock problem

Paul G (BHT)
21-04-07, 20:11
I have City Nav v8 and have no problem loading the maps onto the 2610, however when I try to load the map tiles onto my 176c it tells me that the maps are not unlocked for this GPS.

It's displays the message telling me that they are not unlocked for the 176 and gives me the option to continue or cancel, I click continue and it goes through the process of loading the maps but once complete they do not display on the unit.... what's going on :nenau

Greg Masters
21-04-07, 20:37
Oh Tosser-in-Chief.

Have you told Garmin that your 176 is the second unit that you wish to link to the 2610 mapset?


You will need a new unlock code for the 176 (ie not the same one as you are using for the 2610)