View Full Version : BMW G650 XChallange

23-04-07, 02:26
I have R1150GSA but want something lighter for the non touring bits, although range is still important here at least 200kms is important.

Anybody seen or ridden the new BMW G650 Xtreme Challange?
First Impressions, how did it compare with say a Suzuki DR-Z400E.

The BMW is $14500 Aussie and the DR-Z400 is $8500 big difference in price but what about the other stuff?

Looked at the Yamaha WR450 cracking bit of kit but the diffenence in price would be taken up in servicing cost very quickly same goes for the KTM singles. The Kawasaki 250KLX with a 300 upgrade kit is also a possibility (gives it almost the same power as the DR-Z) . What ever I go for needs to be road legal and carry a bit of weight namely me.

28-04-07, 22:29
You could try the Yamaha XT660R very reliable and you can get them in Australia. Try www.xt660.com