View Full Version : Sending money to a Cambodian Family

01-05-07, 10:35
Peeps, we are friends with a familly in cambodia and they would like us to send them some money for a hospital problem. My question is how much money do western union money transfers take out of the money we are going to send them.

Is there an alternative to sending money to Asia. I wish I'd given him the money when I was there just over a month ago.

I am not really into charities which is why I give money direct, I know it will be well used.

Ta for any replies. I am not asking anyone here for money, just advice.

(This is in the right forum I believe as I am charitably giving my money to someone who needs it)

01-05-07, 10:46
I know that Steptoe helps a family somewhere in Asia Richie. If you were to PM him I'm sure he would be able to advise.


02-05-07, 09:29
Looks like western union then. I'll try and do it on-line

02-05-07, 11:17
Done, they charge 10% btw...