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Deleted account rno
01-05-07, 17:24


"So what if I'm wearing a denim skirt? Ah'm fae Fort William ya Eye-tie bastards...C'mon!"

Oh dear...he's been on the whisky again...

01-05-07, 17:28
SO what if it fucking frays at the bottom, do you think I've got time to get the fucking sewing machine out now ???

01-05-07, 17:37
Ye want Tartar sauce wi yir scampi is it
I'll gie ye feckin tartar sauce ya Fudster

Another night in the Lochy with your host:augie

Deleted account rno
01-05-07, 18:04
Ye want Tartar sauce wi yir scampi is it ?

He's fae Fort William so he's mair likely to offer them Tartan sauce...

anything to make a shilling oot o' the tourists...:augie

01-05-07, 18:44
"Right - ya jobsworth bastards! - I've taken ma feckin' helmet off - will ye switch the feckin' pump on noo?!

Whit? No - I'm no off the feckin' telly!!"


Al :thumb2