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rc mad
07-05-07, 19:10
Currently rebuilding a 1979 suzuki sp370, its at this stage at the moment


It looked like this new,


I'm not able to get a hold of any of the plastics, lights or owt, plastics are going to be replaced with universal jobbies as are all the lights. Anyway to the point of the thread, i was thinking of turning it into a sm of sorts, I need to get the wheels at least re laced and cleaned up anyway, so why not go for 17" rims on the existing drum brake hubs.

I had a play about in photoshop to get a general idea


What do you lot think, convert it or leave it as is? I'm not bothered either way

07-05-07, 23:19
Had two of them years ago, all the power (21bhp) was down low in the rev range, great to ride of road as one of my first off roaders, max torque at 3000rpm, never bogged down, a great chugger, if a little heavy, flat out at 85 on the road, she's not really gonna make a gud SM in my honest opinion, there was a guy in Wales doing spares, can't remember his name, prob doesn't do it now, gud luck wid the project, keep us informed, regards Dusan :thumb

rc mad
08-05-07, 17:37
looks like its going back as it was, Needs some huge knobblies on it then :D

I'm waiting on a load of parts arriving now, also got the tank to fix, forks to rechrome and wheels to rebuild.

08-05-07, 19:57
Its a bit like the left over Indian/Chinese, do you throw it out at the end of the meal or put the container in the fridge and then throw it out next week :nenau

Awfull bloody things. Difficult to start when cold. Difficult to start when hot. Impossible to start when just warm.

Still you have spent a fair bit of time and money so far, keep us posted with the results :D

rc mad
08-05-07, 20:57
thanks for the confidence booster :thedummy

lol, its just a little project to see if i can get it working again, so far its going good. Never had a kick start bike before, should be fun trying to start it. Worse thing that happens is that i stick a modern motor in it, complete with magic button :thumb2

Not really bothered about the money, wouldn't be doing it if i was, i know its going to be worth the square root of feck all when i'm finished :o :D

08-05-07, 23:09
Unfortunately rite there, but that was never what it was about, was it? Please do keep us up to date on ya project SP, cheers Dusan :thumb

08-05-07, 23:34
i had one.
a very underated bike great,reliable and fun.:thumb

09-05-07, 16:19
I've had my '78 SP370 for about twelve years. Put a big tank on it and cut down the frame to accomodate my short arse. It buzzes like mad, has naff electrics and the brakes are not up to much either - but it's a great off roader and will pull pull you up any mountain without revving it's head off. Lives outside for months on end and will start on the second kick - the first one just gives you a painful smack in the calf. It's cheap and easy to work on and spares seem to be no problem

rc mad
09-05-07, 16:53
hmm, looks like i'm at least half right with mine :D

What tank did you fit, the original one i have has a few holes in it, I can get it repaired but it's going to cost a fair bit to do.

Managed to get a complete set of forks with the chrome and rubber parts in perfect condiditon today, only cost 37. The ones i have are badly pitted and rechroming them would cost at least 60, hopefully the fork lowers will be in better condition as well.

09-05-07, 20:47
It's the original tank with side lobes welded on and insets to accomodate the fork tops on full lock. I think it just about doubled the tankage. Had to swap the large air cleaner for a motocross version with suitable carb jetting - fairly straightforward if I remember correctly. The framing on the back takes two elderly Oxford panniers/extra fuel containers/tool kit etc. Am thinking of fitting a sprung "tractor" seat I got at the Stafford show for 14. It will then truly look like an elderly "Brit" bike from the '40s!!

rc mad
09-05-07, 21:09
ah well, fixing the old it is :D

like the look of the rear rack, looks fairly sturdy.

Exhaust is the same, tho mine is in worse condition. End can is ok, its the downpipe and link section thats had it, the chrome is coming off.

Don't know weather to get a full premade stainless system (270 to you sir :eek:) get a stainless system made local or use exhaust wrap on the stuff i have, All part of the fun i suppose :D

10-05-07, 17:07

I had the later road going version GN 400; echoeing anothers comments, crap electrics, 6v, poor starting when cold. Why are you calling it a classic...........maybe just because it's old:D

rc mad
10-05-07, 17:16
Its two years older than me = classic in my book :D
Also a bit of sarcasm going on in the title of the poll. it's no classic, just an old off roader. :D

10-05-07, 19:20
Looks better on the knobblies IMO.

rc mad
14-05-07, 19:26
knobblies it is then

Got the engine started today, its been sat for over a year. Got a carb of an xt500, god knows how long thats been sat doing nothing. Attached it to the engine and airbox, kicked it a few times to get the fuel going, connected up the ignition circuit and away it went on the third kick :clap :hapybnce:

I'm now deaf, i've scorched the cat (flames out of the exhaust port) and i've annoyed the neigbours :augie :D