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14-05-07, 09:14
Just been looking at maps of the route from Glasgow to Fort William ( A82 ), and have noticed minor road on the other side of Loch Lomond, question is can you get to Fort William / Glencoe following any other road/ right of way other than using the A82 "tourist" road?,

14-05-07, 09:20
yes :)

Phil Clarke
14-05-07, 11:46
Err no...
east side of Loch lomond is definately a no go for anything with an engine and wheels (unless your name is Dougie Lampkin)
Try turning off the A82 at the Helensburgh roundabout (B something or other) just north of bolloch head up to another r bout and go straight on onto a single track road which parallels the big road built to serve Faslane. You hit the A814 - follow this to Arochar (via many many bumps and jumps) and then join the A83 to Inveraray (v touristy and a hang out for unimaginitve sports bike riders who may ride like idiots but your not on it for long). Then head north from Inveraray on the A819 to Dalmally. Turn left onto the A85 cross the connel bridge and head up to Fort bill via the coast road (joins the A82 at ballachulish) which is fab and isn't busy.

14-05-07, 15:28
Phils suggested route in post #3 is a cracking series of roads for sure...:thumb

You could also consider the following if you are intent on riding through Glen Coe....

At the roundabout junc of the A82 with the A811 turn right onto the A811 heading east. Eventually you will join the A81...Head for Aberfoyle, you will join the A821 less than a mile before Aberfoyle heading Northeast.

Stay on the A821, it takes you over the 'Dukes Pass' eventually coming out onto the A84 at Kilmahog. Great Scenery and quite interesting at times...;)

Head north (turn left) and look for the signs to Crianlarich and onwards....this takes you around the top of the Trossachs and eventually out towards Glen Coe....another good route ....:thumb

Whichever you choose, you wont be disappointed..especially after Glasgow..:thumb

15-05-07, 07:55
yes :)
there are other routes.


CC's route takes you up the right hand side of the map..

depending on time. you could also go the tourist route via gairloch, arrrochar, inveraray, lochgilphead, oban, dalmally, clifton etc.. there arn't to many bad roads..

hope the Sun shines for you..