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R Savage
25-06-02, 18:39
You may have seen my various contributions on the subject of rumbling gearboxes to the email list, where I firmly insist that the rumbling, metallic vibrations that I can feel throughthe footpegs especially when lent over for roundabouts must be coming from the gearbox or paralever bearings. Well, I did some more investigating today, minus my earplugs, and came to the conclusion that the rumble actually comes from the front rather than the back of my 1150. This is based on the fact that I if I put my boot on the swinging arm when I can feel the rumble in a footpeg I cannot feel it on the swinging arm but if I reach down and touch a fork leg I can feel it. Should I jump to the conclusion that the front wheel bearings may be the source of the trouble? Incidently, post-Hawes I now have a nicely oiled final drive gaiter.

TIA Richard

Howard Millichap
25-06-02, 19:08
This might sound silly BUT what tyres are you running?
I get some strange/alarming rumbles/vibrations when I use certain tyres. Especially TCK80s. I know it's nothing serious because it all disappears when I refit the wheels with road tyres.

R Savage
26-06-02, 15:50
Hello Howard,

Metz Tourance tyres. I did wonder if it was tyres but I replaced the rear tyre before Hawes and the rumble persists. Of course it might be the front tyre. The rumble is actually more similar to the sound/feeling of worn out brake pads - you know the metal to metal rumbling/grating-sort of symptoms?'

I'll update when I collect it from SLM tonight. They've very kindly lent me some 850 cruiser thing. It feels like riding a moped!

Rgds Richard

R Savage
27-06-02, 07:49
Various 'discoveries' made at SLM yesterday.

The oil on the underside of the swinging arm is from the final drive oil seal.

Whilst the gaiter was pulled back for investigation of the oil leak some 'debris' including what I would call a double lipped oil seal
(broken) fell out! I say double lipped oil seal really only as a guess as it does look similar to CV joint seals that have a retaining spring running in a peripheral grove. What do you think? Don't laugh too much when I tell you that neither of SLM's 'technicians' have ever seen one before but think that it might have come from the drive shaft UJ. Did you know that the drive shaft contains no serviceable parts? SLM 'think' that the oil seal may indicate that the UJ bearings may be shot. And that this may be the cause of my rumble. Still the drive shaft is only 250.

All we need to do now is convince my warranty provider that it is worth repairing. Grrrr