View Full Version : 1994 FJ 1200-Price and any general advice

17-05-07, 17:54
A local guy has offered me the above bike its only covered 12K miles and whilst I haven't seen it yet he's told me the coating is coming off the engine cases etc,
I've asked him how much [ the bike was his dads and was stood for 5 years] he wants he doesn't know and wants me to make an offer,I thought about a grand .
Any thoughts / advice on this model appreciated.

17-05-07, 18:05
mate got one last year for 700 with t&t

17-05-07, 19:52
If you did not want one before he offered it to you it is not worth a lot
Looking at your present stable :
Motorcycles owned currently::
89 R100 gs,71 Norton,56 BSA, 61 triumph,83R80
I would imagine its just a passing phase wishing to own a Jap in line 4:rolleyes:
On the other hand they are bullet proof. But would rather buy a high mileage that had been looked after rather than a low mileage that had slowly rotted away.

Geriatric Germ
17-05-07, 20:02
Have a look. I had five, plus the 1300, plus the GT. Great bikes, air cooled, proven engine / box, scare me to death these days, too quick:eek: Ride it, if you like it buy it for around 800, you won't regret it at the low mileage. :clap Trust me I'm a medical Person. :beerjug:

18-05-07, 10:16
I had the red and white one in the pic above. Only problem I had was the ( usual ) calipers sticking in the winter..and the underneath parts of the exhaust rotting. Check these..otherwise they really are a superb bike :thumb

PS The engine 'tappets' actually do sound clickity click

18-05-07, 10:57
they ARE appealing for the same reason we like GSs (well - i.m.o. anyhow:P )

you get a lot of bike, that'll do many tasks well, for (relatively) little money.

what i'd worry about with this one is
~perished rubber - from brake hoses to carb diaphragms to inlet stubs etc.
~the rust monster - attacking pricey bits:rolleyes:
~ soggy suspension or seized up from sitting there so long unused.

actually thats probably the worst aspect - the fact its not been used!

Good Luck - they're blardy good fun bikes:thumb2

21-05-07, 07:29
Thanks for all the helpful comments,You may be right it could be a passing phase, i've never had an inline 4 so perhaps iI should before Iam too old !!!