View Full Version : Fri 25th Norway Stavanger ferry

19-05-07, 17:35
On ferry to Norway fri morning theres eight of us going six bikes :thumb2

Any other Tossers on same crossing...

19-05-07, 20:40
sorry but will be there before you by about 4 days, we should arrive 9am Tuesday. Will be returning to the UK from Esbjerg on Sat 2nd June if you are there for a pint :beer:
Anyway, enjoy your trip.

Farmer Palmer
20-05-07, 10:33
I'm leaving for Norway(Stavanger) from Newcastle tomorrow morning, not taking the GS this time though, we're staying nice and warm in a LR Defender on the long, long run up north to Kirkenes!!

We return from Stavanger on 3rd June!

20-05-07, 11:28
yeah, leaving Newcastle in the morning too, crossing to Stavanger :thumb2 . Yellow GS for me and my mate on a silver r1200rt. We are heading east ...
Have a geat holiday,

22-05-07, 17:05
I'm on the Fri morning ferry :D

On a black 1150adv with son as pillion.

Cya there :beer:

23-05-07, 11:40
I am one of the 8.

Friday Newcastle.
Saturday Nortodden.
Sunday Karlstad.
Monday Stockholm to Tallin Ferry
Tuesday Riga
Wednesday Gyescko NW Poland
Thursay Pila E Poland
Friday Berlin
Saturday Antwerp
Sunday back in North West

Anyone near any of these on theose days?:rob