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Rob Farmer
26-06-02, 16:43
Well I've finally taken the plunge and got a GPS. I took Darrans advice and bid on Ebay for a Garmin GPS III...stressfull or what!
142 later and my new baby has arrived. Another 35 later and Autoroute confirms that I am actually at home on my PC and would plot my position should I have a long enough extension lead and enough strength to pick up my PC and run around with it...Wonderfull!

The only thing I need know is something to plot a route with and of course one of those shiny Touratech handlebar mounts.

If anybody has either Garmin or Touratech GPS software for sale please drop me a line.


Rob Farmer
95 R1100GS


26-06-02, 16:53
Usually several available on eBay, or try the second-hand adds at The GPS Warehouse (www.gpsw.co.uk).
For the GPS III+, you need the Roads & Recreation version - don't bother with the MetroGuide (really only useful for units with data cartridges).

Rob Farmer
26-06-02, 17:17
Thanks Paul.

I take it the roads and recreation software works ok with the GPSIII?


Rob Farmer

26-06-02, 18:14
Should work fine - I had a GPS III+ and used the R&R fine. This contains less street level detail, so you can fit it into the limited memory of the III+. Metroguide software is for stuff like the eMap (which I have) and Streetpilots (not recent III). All units below have a basemap.
So, unit and software combinations are (I think):

III+ - R&R (separate purchase)
eMap, Streetpilot, Streetpilot Colour - Metroguide (separate purchase)
Streetpilot III - City Navigator (supplied with unit)
GPS V - City Select (supplied with unit)

Got that?
(Confusing, ain't it? :) )

Keith Chapman
27-06-02, 06:41
Dont buy the garmin R+R software. find someone with the CDs and a CD writer. Bingo you have yourself the software.:D

Rob Farmer
28-06-02, 18:29
Keith - Isn't that illegal? :eek:
hypothetically If anybody happened to have a CD writer and said software then they might just happen to be hypothetically filled with beer.


Rob Farmer