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26-06-02, 18:41
I am going to put a sebring y piece on my 1150GS and also want to disable the lamda sensor so that I acn try another gizmo.

Does removing the pinkish relay do this?

Thanks in advance.

Ian Campbell

27-06-02, 09:01
I suspect removing the pinkish relay is not a good idea.

Strangely mine doesn't have a pink one.

If it is the one I think you are talking about i think mine is Yellow.

when I fitted the Power chip I had to remove the Yellow (pink ??) box and replace it with a couple of connectors.

Does your pink box have pins coming out of the back ?

Is so these pins should be numbered. Can you tell me which numbers yours are ?

Has anyone got a brown one ? If so what are the pin numbers ?


Keith Chapman
27-06-02, 09:21

you will be wanting my creditcard PIN number next:D

BTW my 02 1150GS has a yellow country code plug with 2 pins cant remember the numbers tho.

27-06-02, 10:34
Go for it.

Coalate the pin links to colour and we can all have a twidle with our maps using a bit of wire with a couple of spades on it without buying different boxes COOL!

Sorry I haven't got a box fitted so I can't contribute other than mine runs strong using a 'y' piece with lamda fitted and surges with the cat and lamba fitted.

I recon its a bit rich at the bottom end but that makes for a nice pick up - year 2000 - should it of had a box?



27-06-02, 17:48

Thanks for the very 'honest' replies. To be completely honest I haven't taken anything apart yet to have a look. I was trying to get some ideas from previous postings and this thread before I actually got the spanners out.

Guess I'll just have to do some tinkering this weekend.


24-07-02, 20:20
I've just fitted a Sebring Y Pipe (with stock Can) to my GS Adv and kept the Lambda probe fitted, its vastly reduced the surging @3k revs and seems to have transformed how the motor feels over 5K revs. Previously it felt very strangled/tight but with the pipe it revs more freely. On a slighlty different note, Does anyone know what BMW UK postiion is on warranty when the Cat has been removed/replaced?

Iain Mac

Paul G (BHT)
24-07-02, 21:47
If it's any help this is the Beige/Brown Coding Plug that has to be removed from the GS 11.


Removal is needed after fitting the Power Chip to the Motronic unit (runs rougher than a bear's botty if you don't) :D

25-07-02, 09:33
Originally posted by IainMac
On a slighlty different note, Does anyone know what BMW UK postiion is on warranty when the Cat has been removed/replaced?

The general concensus amongst dealers seems to be that unless the warranty claim/fault can be directly attributed to the mod, the warranty is unnaffected.

i.e. If your headlight keeps blowing bulbs and you've removed the cat, no problem.


04-08-02, 12:48
I'm totally confused now! Just fitted power chip, have still got the cat, and stock end can. Do I have to take the plug out? Do I have to fit the spade /wire connectors that came with the chip? Can anyone make sense of the diagrams that come with the chip?