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Johnny Boy
22-05-07, 08:02
Hi all,

After travelling 000's of miles through France we are planning on having a change this year and visiting the Mossel (around Cochem) , then down into Austria to ride some of the passes , and then spend a few days in Tuscany.
As these areas are all new to me does anybody have any recomendations, especially for a good area to stay in Austria that will allow day's out to some of the more spectacular passes whilst being close to somewere for a "none bike day" ?.

All suggestions of routes , "must see's" and hotel recommendation will be much appreciated.



22-05-07, 08:24
It's all good...:thumb

Nice place to stay, not far from the Mosel or the Nurburgring.... http://www.hotel-forsthaus.com/motorrad/intro.swf

The owner Christian is a Biker and speaks excellent English, his prices are Very competitive...:thumb

Not been here but intend to go soon. Again owner a Biker and offers a 10% discount to Bikers... http://www.hotel-badhaus.at/index.asp?mID=1&lang=2

22-05-07, 08:25
Stay in Mayrhofen (Lovely town with a real Austrian feel with loads of B&B's !!) and make sure you do the road to Grossglockner (Big glacier) It's the hochalpenstrasse.

PM me if you want a GPS route

22-05-07, 11:52
This hotel in Landeck is handy for Stelvio, Timmelsjoch, Silvretta and others. Route cards are supplied by the hotel. Landeck is not especially pretty, but the hotel is nice enough and is only 200 metres from the train station, where you can go to Innsbruck for a "non bike day".


Deleted account rno
14-06-07, 18:10
I can highly recommend this place. It's small hotel/pub run by a family friend of mine, Guenter Fuhr and his wife Angelika who's an excellent cook. I've yet to taste a better steak...

Jockgrim is 4 km off the A65 Autobahn between Landau and Karlsruhe. It's an easy 6 hour run from Zeebrugge, Ijmuiden and about the same from Calais.

Zum Elefant (http://www.zum-elefanten.net/)

If you're venturing into the west of Austia in the North Tirol region, I can highly recommend this place. I've been going there for the past few years and the standard of B and B is faultless IMHO. There are some great roads (e.g. Hahntenjoch and Timmelsjoch) and places of interest in easy riding distance too.

Stanzach, Austria (http://www.elisabeth-schwarz.at/)