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Right Hand Rob
30-05-07, 20:07
Right Hand Rob is the name, most of my friends call me Rob (to my face all sorts of other names have been used, cannot print)
I run a small touring company in South Africa (this is not a bid at advertising)
Together with the No More Landmines Trust, http://www.landmines.org.uk. We are planning an event called the Kaokaland Raid
More detail will be available soon.
What we are looking for are able bodied Trailie riders interested in participating.
Costs; only your time and some fund raising.
Enjoyment Factor; Extreme
Prizes, Biking gear, Tours in Southern Africa, Bragging rights.
3 riders in a team (own bikes)
1 pillion
1 Observer / second
Each team should have at least one lady member. An all girl team would be great
Duration + - 2 weeks
Site; Kaokaland Northern Namibia
Bike; Your own

We are traveling to the UK soon and will do presentations and registration.
One of the aims of the raid is that this event is for the every day average Joe rider and his mates. This will be an annual event. Hopefully televised (got any contacts).

Post a reply and I will get back to you.
Keep the shiny side up.
Right Hand Rob
PS Know anyone with a bit of PR experience.


17-01-08, 14:13
Rob, having just had to make an early return from the Scoots in the Sahara trip where a few days back we inadvertantly set up camp in the middle of a minefield, youe title certainly caught my eye...

Be very interested to hear more about the event. Will you be presenting at the UK Horizons unlimited meeting by any chance?