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03-06-07, 18:17
Hey guys, (and an apology to Ebbo to start with.I have e-mailed you on this but I guess you are away.)

Sometime ago I got intouch with Ebbo concerning his 2005 Scotland trip. He very kindly sent me a link with a download of the trip. :thumb I had intended using it last year but only had one week off work.:tears

This year however, I intend doing Scotland come hell or high waters.

Okay, my problem is,, having loaded the points and tracks onto my computer in Version 9 I obviously need to get them into my unit..Don't laugh, please as it is a bit ancient compared to you guys. I have a StreetPilot111.:mmmm

I can view the trip on my computer once the file is opened:clap but question is "How do I get the stuff onto the unit so I can at least follow some of it in real time an my way there??":nenau

Many thanks in advance,


03-06-07, 18:26
Some GPS's will take a track from Mapsource (or other program), allow you to change it's color, and display it on the screen...

My 2820 does not display downloaded tracks on it's screen...(dumb this... lots of touring types like to exchange tracks...:spitfire )... I'd assume the III doesn't either (but don't know this for sure)

If it doesn't... the only way is to make a route. Zoom in to a decent distance (5 miles if not looking at dual carriage ways) Click along the track with the route tool... not too often or you'll forever be hearing "Arriving at Via point", but just enough to make sure your route sticks to the track... You can switch between the route tool and the hand tool.. slide the map, click another via point, pan it along...

Download the route to the GPS and drive away...


04-06-07, 16:41

Thanks for that info, will try later if all else fails,


04-06-07, 21:42
Pats been in touch, I think we maybe sorted :)