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Dave Halsall
09-09-03, 12:08
I work for Sawbridgeworth Motorcycles in Hertford and I am looking to fill a couple of slots on the BMW two day Off-Road Skills Course being held on the 12th and 13th of September (Fri/Sat).

This is an excellent course run by Si Pavey (Paris-Dakar) at the Seven Sisters Enduro Park in Wales. The course should cost 415 inc' two nights in the hotel (Thur/Fri), insurance, fuel, breakfast, lunch and BMW bike hire etc. etc.

Because I need to fill some slots at short notice, I am prepared to subsidise the cost and offer them on a first come first serve basis at 299 inc.

You will be riding F650GS's and R1150GS's supplied by BMW so you don't have to worry about damaging your own machines.

To take advantage of this one-off offer, please contact David Halsall on 01992-583135 for more details.

09-09-03, 14:04
I'm going!:D :beerjug:

09-09-03, 15:44
I'm going as well.

What a deal.......Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhha

09-09-03, 16:00
Not to be missed I think. See you there! :)

Wreford Miles
09-09-03, 16:21
Hey Dave,

Now you've seen the benefits of the UKGSER board... how about arranging discounts on all that great BMW gear you have for us lot?


16-09-03, 21:54
For anyone who's interested, I've just posted a few images taken at the weekend <a href="http://www.uk-bikers.com/Galleries/OffRoadCourse/" target=_blank>here.</a>

Dave Halsall
19-09-03, 08:16
Hi there

Dave (Teachers Pet) at Sawbridgeworth BMW here again. I have more good news for you. Wreford requested that we offer GS Club members a deal as making a loss on the Off-Road Skills Course was obviously not good enough!

Dan (Parts Monkey) and I are offering you new Nolan full-face, off-road helmets availble in red and black or blue and black for this week-end only. These helmets are a tasty bit of kit and would look good on your GS.

We have 8 in stock and we will sell them to you for 75 (one per member) despite them having a recommended retail price of 125!

Visit us on Saturday the 20th or Sunday the 21st of September in Hertford between 10am and 4pm to get your hands on one.

Good enough Wreford?

19-09-03, 09:08
Originally posted by Dave Halsall
Good enough Wreford? Wreford asked me to relay the following. "All very good and gratefully received, thanks Dave. However you may know we are having our Season-Ender National Event down in Princtown, Dartmoor next weekend and as is usual for these events we hold a raffle with all the proceeds going direct to charity.

Already some of our dealer friends have been generous enought to donate the following:

R1150GS rear hugger from Ocean BMW,
Off Road Skills Course from World of BMW
Autocom Pro-M7 from CW Motorcycles

Now as you are considered a friend of the club might you like to consider donating something for raffle and get your name up there with the above? Maybe one of them swanky off-road helmets or....

I'm sure one of our member who is going to Princetown could swing around and pick up anything you might like to offer? Looking forward to hearing :thumb

Dave Halsall
11-10-03, 08:14
Thanks for the invitation and the opportunity to contribute. I missed your written request but Greg Masters had a chat with me and talked me into donating one of these great off-road lids.

Hope all went well at the meeting and that the helmet goes to a good home.



Greg Masters
11-10-03, 08:20
Originally posted by Dave Halsall
Hope .... that the helmet goes to a good home.

Unfortunately, it went to a TOSSER!



PS Many thanks to Sawbridgeworth for their support!