View Full Version : 277 miles in 210 minutes at 80 mph

17-06-07, 13:46
After filling up with petrol on the E4 heading up to Stockholm I eased the old GS up to an indicated 80 mph.

180 mins later the trip went round to 237 miles, half and hour later it hit 277 miles.

Unfortunately I arrived at Stockholm and the traffic spoiled my average although I had enough petrol to make the 320.

Coming from the south east of England I was quite amazed at this.

In 28 years of biking I have never had such a good average (never had a 41 litre tank either !)

Also surprised at speedo/trip similarity.

Am presently staying in cell 5 Langholmen prison (its now a youth hostel - highly recommended)

17-06-07, 18:07
what GS? :nenau