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18-06-07, 00:16

My 8 year old daughter Skye has been a pillion on the back of my bikes (F650, R100RS, R1100RS & R1200GS) since she was four. Most runs have just been to and from school and the occasional run to Motorrad Central.

Last weekend we were going to drive up to Old deer in Aberdeenshire to join a Lotus Elise annual get together. Skye surprised me by suggestiing we do it on the R1200GS. I had flashbacks to her mother (my ex) moaning on the back of a bike so said I would think about it. I was actually all for it if I thought she would last. Well what a surprise I got not only did she last the trip but she loved being on the back of the GS.

We left early on the Saturday morning and met up with 2 Elises, 1 exige and a Scooby in Crieff. The guys knew loads of great backroads, most deserted, and from there we wound our way up to Old Deer via the Sma Glen, Ballinluig, Pitlochry, Strathardle, Spittal of Glenshee, Lecht Ski Road and Dufftown.

We ended up in the middle of the fast moving convoy and I was amazed at the handling and performance of the GS. I had an Elise years ago but was recently round Knockhill in an Exige like the one that was with is and the road holding was unbelievable. The GS kept up in all but the tightest corners. Braking was not as good as the well set up cars but acceleration out of the corners helped make up for that. All this time Skye was just wanting to keep going fast. She was superb on the back and felt so at ease. No bumping crash helmets either despite some pretty heavy braking. Our car companions were also very impressed with the GS and one of the following cars used my amount of lean in corners to select his gears into the corners and said he was soon judging it spot on.

The weather was quite changeable between sunshine and cold mist but it stayed dry for the complete run. Sunday saw some new routes down to lunch at Braemar before heading down home catching yet another fast moving convoy of Elises. One advantage of the GS was that it was easy to skip by them all in roadworks in Blairgowrie. In total Skye and I had done nearly 500 miles in two days and she is the best pillion I have ever had.

The Lotus guys had also been on track at Knockhill on the Friday afternoon and I had followed them up to Fort William on the Friday night solo on the bike. It was a bit wet in places but the GS was just great on all roads. Came back home to get Skye that night and travelled down Loch Lomand side which is much improved after recent road works.

Some more photos from the trip










More photos from the weekend here


The GS was great but nearly lost the top box I had put on for the trip. Should have checked the nuts and bolts for tightness as it was nearing falling off by the time we reached Old Deer. It made the return journey in somebody's boot. Have since replaced it with a small Givi one from J&S for only 35. Made up a very comfy backrest so that will do fine for when Skye is on the back. My Oxford Lifetime Luggage tankbag had one of its tie down webbing straps come undone and its amazing how quickly the strap can disappear when it becomes frayed. The back of the bike was covered in the remains of the strap. Have since replaced my tank bag with a Famsa one of ebay. My velcro straps on top of my panniers provided a fast and secure way of attaching my thermarests. I plan on doing some camping with Skye over the summer holidays and this trip was a great way of testing out her and the bike, both of which passed with flying colours. Roll on the good weather.

Deleted account rno
18-06-07, 05:27
I'm amazed that a convoy of Lotuses like that managed to get through Blairgowrie without incident :augie


18-06-07, 08:06
Did they go through there twice then Ronno? :P

18-06-07, 08:20
Nice pics - the wing mirror shot is great :thumb

Your daughter has that look of militancy my daughter has and she has grown up to be a great person, most of her trips were on the back of a 1946 16H Norton and she coped well with it - get 'em on bikes early and they are converted for life.

18-06-07, 08:20
That's great, top marks to Skye. It must have been great fun, with the added pleasure of having great company when you're off the bike....
Chances are she'll be riding with you on one of her own when she gets to age....

Deleted account rno
18-06-07, 08:22
Did they go through there twice then Ronno? :P

Should that have read Lotii? :confused:

18-06-07, 09:24
Great photos:thumb2

My 11 year old daughter loves coming on my bike but has grown out of last years clothing:blast

18-06-07, 10:08
How cool is that? Getting picked up from school and riding away on the back of a bike - especially a mahoosive bike :cool:. Beyond Sub-Zero..... :D

I hope she spoiled you rotten on Fathers Day.... ;)