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18-06-07, 19:08
Hi, I've just bought a Zumo 500 and it comes with the nav v9 disc but no activation code, now being a new to this kind of thing can anybody let me know how to get it (fair means or foul) thanks

18-06-07, 22:28
The activation or unlock code should be on a little orange slip of paper inside the box.
whihh retailer was it purchased from and was the box sealed when you bought it?

18-06-07, 22:49
If you've registered the Zumo with Garmin then the un-lock code should be available on the myGarmin (https://my.garmin.com/mygarmin/unlock/unlockHome.faces) web site. If you haven't registered then signing up there will do that for you. However, I can't recall which bits of info you require to register... might be something that's on the yellow slip :banghead:

EDIT: Looks to me like you just need the serial number of the unit. Well that's as far into the registration process for a new unit as I could get.

19-06-07, 18:16
Thank you both I had discarded that useless looking bit of yellow paper but luckily not in the bin, have now loaded the maps into the unit and ready to find my way to the shop :thumb2 cheers

20-06-07, 13:00
I had discarded that useless looking bit of yellow paper

Not just me then. It took me ages to discover the code was in tiny writing on the bottom of a sheet that looked like one of those bits of paper that you always get a stack of with electronics - but never read.

Once I found it I copied onto the disc with felt tip

20-06-07, 14:27
Believe me, you don't want to lose the piece of yellow paper!

Make sure you register the unit too.