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18-06-07, 22:14
In Oyne's fine thread from last week here (http://www.ukgser.com/forums/showthread.php?t=109857) I saw a picture of a loch which looks like the shape of Scotland with a bridge across it. I have seen and admired this loch many times here but know nothing else about it.

Can you tell me where it is or which road the pic was taken from? Ideally someone might even have a waypoint for the spot.

Mandy and I will be touring about Scotland all next week and this is one spot I would like to visit if possible.

Thanks in advance.

Here is the loch in question. Pic unashamedly lifted from Oyne's thread. Sorry mate. :o


18-06-07, 22:33
Loch Garry, just north of the Great Glen. The road to Kinloch Hourne runs along the north (right hand) side of the loch. Some nice hills in there.

M :thumb

18-06-07, 22:34
This one ?
About 1/2 an hour from my hoose.

18-06-07, 22:37
Thanks Macfie. :thumb2

I have booked only one night's accommodation in advance and will be staying at Glengarry Castle Hotel near Invergarry next Wednesday night, so will get a wee run out there Thursday morning all being well.

18-06-07, 22:40
The road to Kinloch Hourne runs along the north (right hand) side of the loch. Some nice hills in there.

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Nice road :thumb2


18-06-07, 22:56
It looks like that road to Kinloch Hourn is a dead end Gordon. It doesn't look like I can get onto the A87 from there on my map. I will be heading towards Shiel Bridge and on for Glenelg ferry from Invergarry but wouldn't mind riding that wee road anyway.

Thanks for the info lads. :bow :clap

18-06-07, 23:27
It is Aiden, but its off the beaten track and gets a bit technical which I like, lots of first and second gear corners (seriously) andů. Well you just gotta make a couple of hours and ride it. It wont disappoint.
Its a 44 mile detour, how long can that take :augie

19-06-07, 08:10
Thanks Gordon. That road will be ridden next week. :moped: :bounce1 :bounce1

John Armstrong
09-03-08, 17:19
Does anyone have the lat / long of the view point as I'll hopefully be able to have a look at it in May. If it's in the GPS there'll be less chance of embarassing u-turn antics :o

09-03-08, 20:47
Call in for a cuppa (or more) if you're this far south. Enjoy yourselves:beer::beer::beer: