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Corsican Dave
21-09-03, 17:29
anyone got any info on dates, locations, routes for this?

can't seem to find anything on the net. if it's anything like do-able, anyone up for travelling down for the start and prologue? (spectating, that is!)


Greg Masters
21-09-03, 17:38
Check here (http://www.dakar.com) and here (http://www.dakardiary.com/diary/).


Corsican Dave
23-09-03, 13:14
cheers greg,

had somehow lost this from my "favourites" list


23-09-03, 13:30
I'm heading down to Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso to catch up with the Rally on the rest day there on the 12th Jan.

To get there:-
Driving from gambia through Senegal via Tambacounda into Mali arriving at Kayes.
Down through Bamako and on into Burkina Faso stopping at Bobo.

After the rest day it looks like back to Bamako then north to either Nioro or possibly Nara, Mali. Then into Mauritania to Ayoun-el-Atrous or (slim chance) Nema.
West through Kiffa and then I'm guessing South West to Kaedi on the river Senegal or via Aleg and cross there.
Then it's down via St Louis into Dakar for the stage and prizes at Lac Rose on the 18th.

The full details will be up at some point nearer the start.
The Dakar site is updated regularly and every day during the race.

Telefonica DAKAR 2004 (http://www.dakar.com/)

I've been to a few stages over the last few years including Egypt this year.
This is by far the furthest and most difficult to follow in view of the different countries crossed.

I go to the start of the special stages find a nice spot and photograph the passsing Rally for about 3 hours. Then it's on to the next stage the next next day.......

No, the GS will not be going...
Land Rovers, roof tents, shower etc..



24-09-03, 16:25
Bodwick - that is a NICE shot - got any of the 1150's ?

24-09-03, 20:41


charlie batty
24-09-03, 21:14
....Guys... you do know that our own man 'Chris the Colonel' is doin it this year...

...check out motorcycle entrants on the Dakar web site ... i think he's one of only 2 private entrants ...


Greg Masters
24-09-03, 21:51
I looked but couldn't find an entry from Fat Twat - there was one from Chreestof Emersun however.

Are they related? We should be told!



Greg Masters
24-09-03, 22:00
...but I see the entry does include Kurt Luby who pedalled a Lexus in the British Touring Car Championship a couple of years ago.


25-09-03, 00:36
I've none of the 1150 but I'll try and dig out some links I've got stashed about.

Should be a good one this time round.
Don't forget to get your Sky sports sorted as thats about the only coverage going!

So I assume it's all backing Christoph Emerson......

Some shots from Dakar 2003 early dawn untill about 10am (http://www.rallye.tv/)

If there are any web wizards into the Dakar and who would like a project give me a shout. PHP4 etc....I'm lost...

And if your into cars, overall winner 2003.

25-09-03, 09:08
some very very nice pics there, don't suppose you go back as far as the airhead BM days ? Hope the pics cover your costs.

25-09-03, 13:15
Originally posted by fritz
some very very nice pics there, don't suppose you go back as far as the airhead BM days ? Hope the pics cover your costs.

Only the last 4 events. Started as an interest without a decent camera just to go and see.
It's gone from there to a major part of my year in a very short time.
I've set up a business in Gambia as a base and invested quite a bit in vehicles and camera gear.

It's taught me a great deal about photography I've gone from nothing to two EOS1's shooting kodachrome 64 an RS and an V. This year I bought a EOS1Ds and have gone digital.
I've only been able to buy in bit's at a time so it's taken a few years to get organised.

I am still an amature, and this remains a hobby......
Never made a penny.......Maybe this year..

With luck I'll have some shots to post in Jan 2004..


Corsican Dave
25-09-03, 16:56
bodwick, fantastic stuff! good on yer'!

fritz, there's an 1150gs on one of bodwick's shots in the link. it's the one with two bikes on it. the gs is the one in front......

can't imagine there'll be anyone taking photos of my antics at the reivers rally this weekend. i certainly won't be out in front!

you can check out chris emerson at www.dakardiary.com

i thought i was barking; he's only been riding three years!

here's to ALL off-road GSers!



Chris That Fat Twat
25-09-03, 17:20
i thought i was barking; he's only been riding three years!

Only riding 2 years Dave, but the barking bit is about right :) .

Mike Werner
25-09-03, 17:31
I see that Simon and Nick are going at it again.....

Corsican Dave
26-09-03, 08:16
Originally posted by Chris That Fat Twat
Only riding 2 years Dave, but the barking bit is about right :) .

chris, you make me feel quite experienced (10 years, all on big traillies)! good luck, we'll be cheering you all the way. especially if i can get down to auvergne.....

q: are you REALLY fat? if so, that leaves only me and fritz in the small subsection that is "UKGSers under 12 stone who ride off-road"


26-09-03, 11:41
You'll note that GS rider is the only one sat down, that means either :-
The BM lives up to it's comfort, or
all BM riders off road can't stand up due do to low frontal weight (ie gut !)
Hmm I shall keep me eye on the diary link - looks interesting (we like mad in this club don't we ?);)

26-09-03, 13:54
Hi Chris,

Tried to PM you but can't. Not sure why not? Do I need to enable something or pay a sub?

I was going to ask if you needed anything when you get to Bobo.
I'd be happy to carry you some clean clothes, spares you might want etc.

I'm shipping in late Oct. so give me a shout.

Spanish Bob
12-11-03, 14:44
IŽd be up for the prologues, At least one of the stages will be passing near me and I am going to have a couple of American support mechanics bunking at my place, so. definatley interested - maybe I could get a couple of the north African stages in as well? If anybody has plans to take in some stages IŽd be interested.

Dave you already know I am lightweight 17 1/2 stone so cant help your stats either!

Spanish Bob
12-11-03, 14:49
Originally posted by fritz

all BM riders off road can't stand up due do to low frontal weight (ie gut !);)

wrong Fritz - the uneccessary gap between chest and tank serves no useful purpose and just creates turbulance can be better employed if filled with a soft and flexible material, thus improving aerodynamics and helping the rider to become trully one with his machine (literally). Allright?!?!

02-01-04, 16:52
Originally posted by Greg Masters
Check here (http://www.dakar.com) and here (http://www.dakardiary.com/diary/).

Greg http://www.advrider.com/forums/attachment.php?postid=485703 :clap Yahooo Chris! (Tried to post an image - maybe doesn't work...? used the [IMG])Standings (http://www.dakar.com/2004/us/index.html)