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23-09-03, 12:43
Off to Spain tomorrow morning, catching the 24 hour Plymouth/Santander vomit bucket.

Planning to head east and explore the Michelin map 'green' roads along the French side of the Pyrenees, then over to the Med and down the coast to Barcelona and then across country back to Santander. I've done the middle, south & west of Spain before and also the Spanish side of the Pyrenees & Andorra but never the French side.

Are there any must do roads / sights in the direction I'm going?

23-09-03, 13:07
As long as you stay on the green roads on the Michelin map,
it's all worthwhile! If you are lucky to have a clear day, spent some time on the Col d'Aubiske; magnificent view!

23-09-03, 13:08
Great place to stay about 60 k from Bayonne - Navarranx - mediaeval walled town in the Pyreneean foothills. Great Hotel de ville with superb restaurant - try the Menu Gastronomique, just make sure that you don't eat anything during the day.

Roads -
D918 from Argeles-Gazost to Laruns, truly awesome
D132 Arette/C137 Isaba then pick up road to Port de Larrau/D26

Have fun



Ally Smith
23-09-03, 14:28
If you are looking for somewhere to stay part way through France I can recommend www.laroffiefrance.biz. its near Limoges in really beautiful countryside. Its run by a biker and his wife from Yorkshire. Excellent accomodation, good food and plenty of wine.


23-09-03, 20:47
I can recommend the Hotel Flora in Andorra. www.andornet.ad/flora/english.htm
It is well priced and the roads around it are all very good, especially the road over the Pyrenees into France and the N260 which is just into Spain.

Andorra is also very good for cheap kit, booze and ciggies.:beerjug:

Dave Hall
23-09-03, 21:46
A nice road is the pass over the tops from Pau to Pamplona..then to complete this trio of Ps go visit the Picos de Europa