View Full Version : Bet watch out Forry arrives tomoorrow...

18-07-07, 17:46
If i get packed and make the 10am crossing from Troon have to be up at 5ish :(
Meeting Tuned In for a blast up the coast road don't know who's more excited me or him :D
See you in the bar Friday night:beerjug:

PS. don't tell Wizard which way we're going ,don't want to miss Friday night meal this year :augie

18-07-07, 17:54
And don't let Tuned In scoff all the Madeira cake:spitfire

18-07-07, 18:01
feck arf.

18-07-07, 22:25
all packed ready to roll cakes are hidden away in a safe place :D
Only joking mark see you Friday :beer:

18-07-07, 22:26

:D :thumb

18-07-07, 23:13

Still to do list

bits and pieces to do to bike still.. put tank and battery back on

wash clothes

get stickers for event

get key for cottage we got to stay in in Donegal

get stuff to auction/ raffle

pick up Jochens t-shirt sample

change wheels maybe:augie

post all the stuff i Sold

program GPS route with the off road track log for donegal:)

pack bike.... and hope it starts

Hope to feck my foot isn't swollen too much so i can get my boot on

Whats the chances of meeting Forry around 12:00:augie

At least i Can't miss a Boat.... i hope:aidan

18-07-07, 23:33
FFS man, quit posting shite here and get on with it. :blast :augie

19-07-07, 09:00
pick up Jochens t-shirt sample

That's the only important bit :D Oh and maybe the tank & battery :augie

19-07-07, 15:43
And don't let Tuned In scoff all the Madeira cake:spitfire

So it's not just me you are paranoid about?:augie :augie